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When it comes to exhibitions there are many opportunities where you can use our truss – booths, trade show displays, systems for suspending lights, sound equipment, cameras and other items. Our truss stand for versatility with indoor & outdoor applications, compactness and high tensile strength. These features allow us to provide you with world-class products. 


We have designed several booths. All of them can be customised according to your real requirements and can be used repetitively so it allows you to optimize your budget. Thanks to our truss versatility and compatibility you can always adjust your booth to any space or just modify truss displays to enhance your exhibiting experience.


For other installations we hold numerous certifications to meet high safety standards and to prove that our trussing segments can bear the loads shown in our loading tables. We are committed to provide you with flexible solutions for your permanent installations that will serve your facilities for long with low maintenance.

TAF USA, LLC, 1585 Industrial Dr., New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168, Call toll free # 1-877-556 1999