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Truck ramps, also called loading ramps, are a great help in many different situations. They are designed and produced in a way to withstand quite large loading forces and consequently last long even when used almost every day.


The main application of a truck ramp is to help load trucks, vans or other vehicles with various parts or equipment. In entertainment industry are loading ramps used mostly by rental companies or touring installers who need to load and unload lighting, trussing, rigging, audio and video gear frequently and in high volumes. One of the big advantages of the aluminum truck ramp is, depending of course on its dimensions, its relatively small weight compared to quite high loading capacity.


Some might oppose that with the fixed truck ramps it is difficult to manipulate and stack them, but in the end you realize that there is always enough space on the truck to fit one in. Especially, when you tip it over and lay it on one of the two side profiles. The amount of time and work that these loading ramps save at the end of a day is immense.


Other applications of these ramps vary since they can be used as barrier free ramps to the stage or any platform and at the same time they may work as an important part of stage design for performers or simply being used as temporary bridges over ditches at construction sites.


Basically, there are three different types of loading ramps in our portfolio. The main distinction between them is the size of their loading space that can be used for material handling. We standardly carry 80cm (31.50”), 100cm (39.37”) and 110cm (43.31”) truck ramp types always in the 3m, 4m, 5m lengths respectively 9.84ft, 13.12ft and 16.40ft lengths. The different lengths also mean various angle range application possibilities.


Aluminum truck ramps available at our company consist of several important parts that make a great and functional product. The body or the inner loading space of the ramp is built from specially designed aluminum profiles that are welded together and ensure the proper loading capacity and sturdiness of each ramp. These profiles are put within two aluminum rectangular profiles that create the long edges of the loading ramp. Finally, at each end you find a diamond plate welded into the side profiles in precise angle to make the usage of the ramps easy for anything or anybody on wheels.


Our track ramps are TUV and CE certified so that their safety and loading capacities are guaranteed by independent testing company.


Apart from the standard truck ramps portfolio we are keen to customize them in width and length depending on our clients demands.


EU: https://eu.taf.cz/truck-ramps

US: https://us.trussaluminium.com/truck-ramps


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