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Tower lifters are an undeniable part of show industry management and plannig. Though big events choose higher standard of truss supports in their design, the lifting towers represent the proper solution for smaller and mid size events as weddings, celebrations, dj performances etc.


These profound and professionally manufactured products enable its owners to place audio and light equipment in almost any environment in order to be able to create high quality show for the audience. They come very useful especially at locations where no hanging points are availabe and truss placement would be complicated and too bulky. In other words the lifting towers application is very fast and easy in ballrooms, pubs, clubs etc. There are several types of lifters differing in design and specifications.


We are offering two most commonly used types of lifting towers – top load and front load towers. Both are made of steel profiles and vary in their loading capacity and maximum lifting height. They come with different number of automatic safety triggers in order to ensure the highest level of safety while being loaded. There are also several accessories accommodating these products and making your installing steps easier to carry out. You can check all towerlifters and tehir accessories on our website.


As for now we carry 5 different types of the basic lifting towers products ranging from lightweight and easy to handle top load towerlifter with 125 kg (275 lb) loading capacity to front load lifting tower with 270 kg (595 lb) load limit. Simply, all you need for  fast, professional, temporary set up of  lights and audio at any location.


For more details TAF CZ: https://eu.taf.cz/tower-lifters

For more details TAF USA: https://us.trussaluminium.com/tower-lifters


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