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The Pull of the Purse

Jana Gresakova seems to have a strong connection to purses – both in her life before TAF and in her current role at the company. In our latest interview with a member of the TAF team, Jana tells us about the journey that led her to TAF, her present responsibilities, and one of her lifelong interests shared with members of her family. And, of course, you will learn what we mean by "the pull of the purse"...


1. Can you tell us about your time before TAF?


Before I joined TAF, I ran my own business. For about 8 years I made women’s purses, had my own atelier, eshop, clients, and attended many sales events and design shows. When COVID came along, everything changed. Life as I knew it virtually stopped for two years. It was then that I opted for the security of long-term employment and completely changed industries.


2. What led to you joining TAF and how has your role within the company developed over the years?


I worked in a logistics company for my first year as an employee. I enjoyed it, but was looking for something that would give me more time for my family and not drag my work home. I then came across TAF, where I started as an assistant and later became a purchasing agent.


My original plan was to eventually relaunch my business, but after three years of working at TAF, I am still here. I enjoy my work and consider myself fortunate to have such great colleagues. TAF has created a very nice atmosphere in the office, which feels like home. I guess you could say that purses have been a common thread in recent years for me. I went from making purses to controlling the purse strings (controlling the money that comes out of the TAF purse)   :-)


3. Can you give us an overview of your current responsibilities and activities, as well as what a typical day looks like?


Apart from purchasing materials for the company, I am also in charge of logistics. I approve orders for production, monitor stock levels, order new materials when necessary and coordinate the dispatch of finished products to customers. Most of the time you'll find me with a phone in my hand.


4. Jakub Rozboril, General Manager of TAF, had spoken about digitalization of the company in an earlier interview. Did this have a positive impact on your workflow?


The main advantage of digitalization is that it has increased the speed of most processes in the company. Another important advantage is that everything can be done from a computer. Thanks to digitalization, my colleagues and I can work from anywhere. And last but not least, everything is easier to monitor. You can immediately see and react to any irregularities or if something is missing.


5. You are known as a scouting enthusiast. Can you tell us about it, as well as any other hobbies or sports you enjoy?


I have taken part in scouting throughout my childhood and made many friends for life. Since it was such an enjoyable experience for me, I also wanted my children to try it. I am happy to say they have fully embraced it and like it as much as I did! Scouting teaches you independence, consideration for others and the love of nature. Nowadays, I am only a scout at heart but I am still connected to it through my children. My free time is mostly spent at our cottage, in the woods, and by the fire. 


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