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TAF Goes “Organic” at the BIH Festival

For the extremely popular BiH Color Festival, held each year in the city of Brcko in Bosnia and Herzegovina, TAF helped bring an ambitious “organic” stage design to life for their long-time client Chameleon.


The concept of the BIH festival is based on the Indian and Nepali spring festival “Holi”, which celebrates the end of winter, the arrival of spring and the blossoming of love. Festival attendees fully embrace this theme by covering their bodies in washable, organic colors derived from plants, such as turmeric, dhak, kumkum and neem. During live performances at the festival by unsigned and underground artists, more color is added to the celebration as 2,205 lbs of dry paint is launched over the crowd, further adding to the unique atmosphere and excitement of the festival.


The goal of our client was to create a stage that would fit within with the concept of the festival by giving it an organic feel. Their vision was to have the stage and support structure feature truss that would resemble Lianas vines hanging from trees in a forest. Their bold vision was then put down on paper and provided to members of the highly experienced TAF team, who were tasked with bringing it to life.


To cover the stage, we provided our 26.25 x 19.69 ft Roof 2. Specially designed curved truss, based on our FT34 and FT44 quicklock truss line, was then created for the wings and other elements attached to the roof structure, which were designed to resemble hanging Lianas vines. A unique, curved 9.84 x 13.12 ft LED support structure at the back of the stage also added the organic feel.


The complete structure measured 57.41 ft wide x 27.89 ft deep x 59.06 ft high. An impressive setup that “set the stage” for Holi-inspired festivities and gave the richly colored attendees the feeling of being one with nature. 


If your next event requires an organic, sci-fi or any other type of theme, call us at 1-877-556-1999 (toll free) or contact us at sales@taf-usa.com to tell us about it and see how we can work together to bring it to life.


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