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Strong and Safe Coverage for Your Events

TAF’s RST roofs safely and securely cover performers at your small to medium-sized events, while providing impressive support for light and sound. All RST roofs are mainly constructed with TAF’s HT34 series truss, which features Quicklock connectors for fast and easy assembly. A PVC top cover and side canopies are available for every roof in the series.


When considering a roof for your next event, three letters answer all of your needs – RST.


RST 4x4 Gable Roof

Max. Dimensions: 16.4’ x 14.8’

Max. Stage size:  13’ x 13’

Max. Load:  8,175 lbs.


RST 6x4 Gable Roof

Max. Dimensions: 23’ x 14.8’

Max. Stage size:  19.69’ x 13’

Max. Load:  5,423 lbs.


RST 8x6 Gable Roof, RSTS 8x6 Pitched Gable Roof

Max. Dimensions: 29.53’ x 24.61’

Max. Stage size:  26.25’ x 19.69’

Max. Load:  6,834 lbs.


Click here to learn more about RST roofs, as well as the many other roofs in our portfolio.


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