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Product identification and tracing


It has become standard throughout EU that each product is properly labeled and has to be traceable regarding materials, welding procedure, quality check and final packing. There are several ways in which this can be achieved. 


Firstly, in order to be able to identify a truss product as made by TAF we are using a thermo labels with our logo on the products showing the basic information such as product type, date of expedition, QC name or abbreviation, quality manager’s name and also all the certificates logos for the specific product as well as our website and factory address. Among the logos that you can find on our product labels are CE, TUV and GSI SLV all showing that the production of the product was made, tested and certified by the EU standards. 


Apart from this TAF label we also use a smaller sticker on each welded piece of truss or product that is manufactured in our company. This special sticker has a unique QR code printed on. As it goes the QR codes can be read by almost any mobile phone and thus it gives customers immediate information about the specific product that can be sent to us for tracking its manufacturing process.


This unique QR code contains set of numbers that make it possible for us to identify the production history of each product from the very beginning of the process all the way up to its final packing. That means we are able to track exactly the batch of material used for its production and match it with the proper material certificate, identify people involved in material preparation, welding process and quality check and the person who packed it in the end. The embedded production plan number gives us basically complete view of the product’s manufacturing history.


It does not get much easier than QR code reading for perfect tracking of the products manufacturing process. In case the main label is lost, damaged or removed this small identification tool can save the day. 



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