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PR2 - New Generation of Touring Truss

As the touring season comes to its full life again this year, we have another of our pre rig trussing systems to explore. This time we take a closer look at our so called PR2 truss model.


This line is not an upgrade of our PR1 series, as might its name suggest, but rather it represents another version of widely used touring trusses in the business. We offer PR2 pre rig truss in two standard lengths of 1.22 m (4 ft) and 2.44 m (8 ft). Its overall dimensions are 605 x 349 mm (23.8 x 13.7“), which creates a space of great size for large moving heads or LED panels to be safely attached to it.


The design of PR2 is slightly different from PR1 version not only in the outer dimensions of the truss but also in the main tube type and the square profile frames at both ends of the trussing segments. The main tube is 50 x 4 mm (1.97 x 0.16“) and the end frames close the truss on both ends. They add up to the already enhanced strength of the segment but they are also important for the dolly attachment and secure touring truss stacking on top of each other.


Connection between individual pieces of PR2 truss is carried out through standard male/female fork connectors and secured by spigots with clips. However, these fork connectors are on threaded tube that makes it possible to pull out each connector individually up to 65 mm from the tube without losing any structural integrity of the trussing segment. Once you pull out the connector to the length determined by your need, the fork connector is fixed and secured in position by safety ring on the threaded part. This feature allows us to create angles of 0° - 12° without any additional corner pieces or extensions necessary. It is a step to greater freedom in creating interesting designs.


Dollies of PR2 are designed in a way that enables them to be stacked on top of the PR2 trussing segments. In this way you can really place up to three dollies with trusses on top of each other and feel safe. That saves a lot of space in a warehouse. The dollies come with “pocket” for easy fork lift handling of the complete unit.


The touring truss mounted on the PR2 dolly has a big advantage of being easily movable around. At the same time, the mounting of equipment units into the truss has never been easier. Mainly thanks to the extended telescopic legs of the dolly. These make it really simple to adjust the height of the truss based on your needs - either for mounting the equipment into it or for simply using the equipped trusses at the event attached to the dollies together as one unit.


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