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PA Towers

The time of the year full of outdoor events is here and that is why we are going to take a closer look at our PA Tower systems.


PA Towers represent temporary truss structures designed to accommodate various sizes and weights of sound systems. The towers are self-supported structures that carry line arrays of various sizes, i.e. that these can be used either together with a main stage structure (concerts, festivals) or individually on remote places where you simply need to get some sound in areas away from the main stage (sport events, races, public gatherings). In general, there are several basic situations in which the usage of the PA Tower system is a key to a perfect event.


You can use the PA tower systems to enhance already existing line arrays that are carried by the main stage structure in cases when the main structure does not meet the standards for holding the proper size of your sound system. However, the PA structures are mostly applied on large scale events in order to cover huge areas with sound (large concerts or festivals) as a support of the main sound system placed at the main stage. Another usual application is at the occasions when you cannot build a stage structure for some reason and need to get the sound from a podium to an audience and last but not least the PA tower systems can be erected simply at places where larger support structures would be impossible to have.


Feel free to explore our standard offer of the PA Tower systems which includes three different types of structures – PA Tower 05, PA Tower 1, PA Tower 2. You can easily find the perfect fit for your planned event and if not we are open to new ideas and upgrades.


PA tower 05 stands for a light weight PA structure with max. 6m (19.7 ft) lifting height and loading capacity of 350 kg (771.6 lb), which makes it a perfect choice for smaller events or space restricted areas where your sound needs to be placed.


PA Tower 1 represents slightly larger structure that is able to carry a line array of up to 800 kg (1764 lb) with maximum lifting height of 6,6 m (21.65 ft). The advantage of this tower type lies in the capacity of carrying a heavy sound system while still maintaining a reasonable footprint.


The last but not least version of our standard PA Tower system is PA Tower 2 with lifting height of 9,25 m (30,35 ft) and the loading capacity of 1000 kg (2205 lb). It can be used as a great help for covering a large areas of space with the necessary sound.


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