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Marketa Simkova rejoins the TAF team

We’re happy to welcome Marketa Simkova back to TAF’s global headquarters, where she will be responsible for its international sales and marketing activities.


Marketa took maternity leave in 2017 to start a family and now has two boys at home. During her time away from the office, she was very busy finishing her PhD. studies in Romance literature, writing a book about a Mexican detective novel, translating a few books from English to Czech, and passing an international JLPT N5 test for the Japanese language.


Before joining TAF in 2014, Marketa studied English and Spanish philology at the university in Olomouc. During her time at the university, she worked as a Spanish and English teacher, as well as a translator for technical texts.


Marketa is an avid bookworm, writes reviews for new Spanish language books for the website www.literatura.cz and sews educational materials for her sons.


“I look forward to helping increase the success of the TAF brand on the international market, providing its valued customers with fast and efficient service, and introducing TAF products to new customers around the world”, said Simkova.


We also look forward to the value Marketa will bring to the TAF brand and the many contributions she will make for the benefit of TAF customers.


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