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Heavy Duty truss

Quicklock Truss is defined by the spigoted connection. It is the most used type of truss connection all over the world and there are numerous truss lines using it available. Our portfolio counts up to 33 different truss lines equipped with pins, connectors and safety clips. Let’s have a closer look at the three largest quicklock truss lines in our product book.


TT54 truss line represents the strongest square or box trusses in our production. Although their statically approved and tested loading charts show the possibility of creating up to 20m spans, the TT54 trusses are usually used in installations for shorter spans with several different functions. 520 x 520 mm (20.5 x 20.5“) truss dimensions work perfectly when applied as leg supports for larger grids as well as for creating the grid itself. Probably, the most frequent application of TT54 truss pieces comes in building large supportive truss lines for suspending heavy audiovisual equipment either indoor or outdoor in truss roof systems. Standardly, we list in this truss line universal cross beam also called MCB equipped with female receivers instead of corners, however, special corners for custom projects are available on request as well.


Next step up in dimension, shape and loading capacity in the quicklock style trussing from the TT54 is the rectangular TT74 truss line. The dimensions of these pieces are 760 x 520 mm (30 x 20.5”) and you can use the same accessories with this line as with the TT54 as the end welding connectors are of the same size as well as the dimensions of the pipes. The advantage of this truss line as compared to the TT54 line is longer vertical side that of the truss the increases the loading capacity and sturdiness of the truss pieces. The TT74 trusses are generally used by rental companies in large span set ups mainly roof systems where you need to go over 14m of unsupported length. It is also huge enough to accommodate lighting equipment inside the truss itself, which is very useful for repeated installations where the light fixtures can be left in the truss and just simply used in the grid at various locations throughout the touring season.


The biggest truss line in our portfolio is TT104. Its dimensions of 950 x 520 mm (37.5 x 20.5”) with the main tube 60x6mm (2.4 x 0.02”) make it the strongest truss in our production. Although it can be, of course, used in building large scale roof systems for outdoor shows where both huge spans and great loads are necessary, it is mostly used for long span suspended truss lines or grids. Given the size of the truss there is one 4-way standard corner available even though special corner items can be made on request. TT54 trusses can be used as supportive legs with TT104 corners and straight pieces in creating table like truss grids if necessary. Check out the loading charts in order to see the real strength of this truss line. Even though it is really bulky for storing and moving around, there are times when you really need to go big and this truss is a perfect solution.


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