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Gable Roof 8x6m is a great option if you need to cover smaller size events. It can bear decent load of 2000kg and the clearance of 6,1m gives you enough space for any lighting show. It is very easy to assemble as the columns are from Tower 05 which is a self-contained unit built up from HT34 truss.“



Main advantage of Gable Roof 8x6 is that towers are made from our Tower 05.

Light duty tower version for smaller set ups and very easy to use. It is made of quicklock line HT34 products and it comes equipped with handwinch, steel rope and outriggers. Max. lifting height 6.5m (21.33ft) with the possibility to lift loads of 500Kg (1100lbs). Self weight of Tower 05 is 100kg.


For more information about Tower 05 click here


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