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Focused On Meeting Strategic Goals

As Project Manager for TAF, Vratislav Muzikant helps ensure TAF moves to the strategic beat he’s helped put in place for the company. From a childhood on the family farm to advanced consulting for EU-funded projects and business operations, Vratislav has put his strategic skills to good use over the years for fueling the ongoing development of TAF.


Can you tell us about your life before TAF – growing up in Moravia and your professional experience?


I was born in Moravia and mainly grew up in the countryside with horses, dogs and cows on our family farm. After graduating high school, I went to an agricultural college in Bohemia. Following graduation from the university, I returned to my hometown of Olomouc. After a short internship at a state run company and educational organization, I joined an international company where I was responsible for preparing and implementing EU-funded projects.


After 6 years of European fund consulting, I turned to business consulting. I specialized in quality in public administration according to the CAF system, which follows the principles of the EFQM model. I also ran soft skills and project management training courses. Afterwards, I started my own company focused on EU funds, which I then shut down after 10 years of operation and returned to business consulting.


What path led you to TAF and how long have you been working there?


My first contact with TAF was when I made an offer to them for gaining EU funding to modernize the company. This was followed by innovative projects that included the acquisition of a robotic workstation, international trade fairs, training and energy saving measures. After a series of subsidy projects, I started cooperation with TAF in the field of business consulting. In 2012, we worked together to develop the first comprehensive corporate strategy based on BSC principles. After four years, an evaluation was carried out, which led to revamping of the company.


You are currently a Project Manager in the company. What are your responsibilities and how would you describe a normal day at TAF headquarters?


I am currently responsible for the implementation of selected development projects, which emerged from the corporate strategy. I mainly work on projects that focus on development of the quality system and human resources. In the field of quality, I meet with employees responsible for key processes and discuss where we can further enhance quality. If their feedback relates to a process, or processes, I note it in the process maps we have on hand. Subsequently, I prepare training programs for individual employees in the production department, so they are fully aware of process procedures.


In the area of human resources, I focus on the remuneration system. My job is to ensure it motivates employees to improve the quality of their work. I also work on modification of the training and interview systems for the company's employees to further motivate them and ensure their requirements for improving the company's operations are acted upon.


Since 2023, you have been working on the implementation of a new strategy for the company. Can you tell us a little more about this?


As I mentioned earlier, the corporate strategy has been in place since 2012. We are now trying to implement more and more measurable KPIs, so they can be evaluated and have the reward system linked to them. The company's strategy is built on four pillars - Finance, Customers, Processes and People. The company wants to equally develop all four, so all contribute to the success of the company. Of course, this activity is very demanding in both time and organization. 


How do you see the development of TAF going forward, as it relates to the activities that you are directly, or indirectly, responsible?


I see the company’s development as a positive process or I wouldn't be doing this job. We must remember, however, that the strategy is always influenced by a number of factors that try to thwart its progress. Therefore, our task is to stick to the goals we have set for the company and ensure we reach them, especially in these very uncertain and turbulent times. In the end, the results of our activities must meet the expectations of management.


What about your life outside of the company? Do you have any hobbies or other activities that interest you?


Unfortunately, I don't have much time these days for hobbies. To help clear my mind when away from work, I spend time at my cottage in the countryside. When not making renovations to the cotttage, which I‘m doing myself, I like spending time in the surrounding nature and working in my garden. I also enjoy family gatherings, where I love cooking for everyone.


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