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Fearless leader of the TAF sales team in Europe

For twenty-five years, TAF has focused on providing its global customer base with the highest levels of service and working hard to gain, and maintain, their trust. A crucial element in this customer service equation is the TAF sales team, which is led by TAF Sales Manager, Milan Kolousek.


We recently cornered Milan to learn more about him, his job responsibilities, and the services that he and his team provide to customers from TAF headquarters in the Czech Republic.


Can you tell us a little about yourself?


I’m from the town of Horka nad Moravou, which is located in the Moravian region of the Czech Republic. It’s the same region where the TAF offices and factory are located. For those who may not know, the Czech Republic is broadly divided into three regions – Moravia, Bohemia and Silesia. Moravia is famous in the country for its production of wine and plum brandy. As you can imagine, it’s a nice place to live!


I attended a trade school in the city of Olomouc, where I focused on electronics. Olomouc is also located in Moravia and is the city where TAF is based. 


How and when did you get into the truss and support structure industry? 


My introduction to the industry was in 2003, when I was hired as a salesman for a truss manufacturing company located in the Bohemian region of the country. During my time there, I learned a lot about aluminium truss and structures from the many experienced riggers and structural engineers I met over the years. They were like my teachers and explained the basics to me. In 2021, I joined TAF as Sales Manager.


Can you speak a little about your responsibilities as Sales Manager at TAF?


My main role In TAF is to supervise members of the sales department, define our pricing strategy, and create short- and long-term sales plans


The TAF sales team consists of four experienced saleswomen, who handle all requests from our new and current customers. We work together to prepare price offers and take care of all customer requests. 


Another aspect of my role, and the role of the sales team, is to serve as a link between customers and the TAF factory, TAF design team and TAF engineering department. Beyond selling products, we are also responsible for the proper and timely delivery of TAF services.


What do customers expect from a truss manufacturing company, its products and the services they provide?


Customers are not only looking for reasonably priced products, but also ones that are consistently delivered on time. This timing is key and we pride ourselves in always helping our customers meet their deadlines. 


TAF is also well-known in the industry for its custom design services, which our customers highly appreciate. We constantly receive requests for special parts and structures, which we are always able to design, manufacture and deliver.


What are some unique or standout projects that you’ve worked on during your time at TAF?


There were several nice projects over the years, which include truss structures for cruise ships, telecommunication companies and the Czech military. I would also like to mention an interesting ground support structure that we supplied to Beit Avi Chai - Jerusalem.


Do you play any sports or have any hobbies?


I enjoy many types of outdoor sports and activities. During the summer, I take road trips on my bike, as well as do some mountain biking. I also hike in the great Czech outdoors, which has many forests and mountain ranges.  In the winter, I play ice hockey, as well as do ski touring and downhill skiing throughout the lovely Jeseniky mountains in Moravia, and in some parts of Austria.


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