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Compatible PT truss features fast & easy assembly

With requirement to assemble any permanent or temporary installation you need a compatible truss that you can put together with other truss beams you might already have. PT truss is fully compatible with all Prolyte truss series.


With assembling any installation we care about user-friendly solutions that on the other hand fully comply with requirements of certification bodies, and also offer high loading capacity while being light weight, which helps to save shipping expenses. The PT truss is certified by TÜV Süd and holds CE marking. Easy assembly is ensured by quicklock connection system. With an ease of using a few aluminium connectors, pins and ladder you can get your installation done very quickly in terms of simple supports, eg. truss grids or small roofs to name a few. No need of any professional assistant helps you to cut your budget to essential costs only.


PT truss is equipped with connection set fully compatible with the truss that includes aluminium connectors, steel pins and clips. The truss is welded out of alloy EN-AW 6082 T6, thus features significant strength and durability.


In PT trussing series we manufacture triangle and box truss including corners (various ways and angles, corners apex, rounded corners), circles, T-junctions, various cross junctions, and of course straight beams. These give you a lot of possibilities to design your roofs, grids, supporting installations for suspending lights, AV equipment or even banners that we can arrange for you as well. Banners and covers can be printed with any design.


All truss within PT34 segment can be used indoors or outdoors. Also, it is available in any colour with possibility of powder coating.


Our product range of PT truss includes the following truss lines:

PT33 – dimensions 290x257.8mm (12"), triangle truss, tubes 50x2 mm (2 x 0,08 inch), braces 16x2 mm (0,63 x 0,08 inch)
PT34 – dimensions 290x290mm (12"), box truss, tubes 50x2 mm (2 x 0,08 inch), braces 16x2 mm (0,63 x 0,08 inch)
PTH34 - pitch 290x290mm (12"), box truss, tubes 48x3 mm (0.16 x 0.01 inch), braces 16x2mm (0,05 x 0,01 inch)
PT44 – pitch 390x390mm (16"), box truss, tubes 50x2mm (0,16 x 0,01 inch), braces 20x2mm (0.07 x 0.01 inch)
PTH44 – pitch 390x390mm (16"), box truss, tubes 48x3mm (0.16 x 0.01 inch), braces 20x2mm (0,07 x 0,01 inch)


With manufacturing facilities in the Czech Republic we offer short delivery times throughout the entire Europe. Our team can help you to design your installation and provide you with all technical support, even obtaining static assessment in terms of large-scale installations.

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