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Changing the Industry - REDUXA 4.0

The production process of aluminum is energetically one of the most demanding. The process of getting aluminum out of bauxite requires almost ten times more energy than making steel from iron. This brings up a lot of questions and adversaries pointing out that the material itself is not green enough or fit to be used as widely as it is nowadays and let’s face it aluminum has become over the years the second most used metal worldwide. Its applications are really versatile and new ones are being discovered all around the world.


As our factory specializes in aluminum pipes and profiles welding, we know that the material comes to us at great cost for the environment. We are happy to announce that our production is starting to use low-carbon aluminum Hydro REDUXA 4.0 in up to 80% of all our products.


Aluminum branded as REDUXA 4.0 comes from smelters and foundries in Norway and the complete aluminum creation process is controlled in every aspect of its way in order to reduce the energy consumption as well as carbon oxide emissions to the environment. This in fact results in generating only maximum of 4.0 kg CO2 equivalents per kilogram of aluminum during the entire process. That is just one fourth of the global average of CO2 released in production of one Kg of aluminum in the entire industry. It is definitely a huge step towards greener aluminum materials.


We are really proud to be the first truss manufacturer using this kind of aluminum in everyday round the clock production processes. It is also great that the cost of the material levels up the standard aluminum cost, which consequently means there are no changes in our product pricing due to the usage of REDUXA 4.0.


The material lower carbon footprint as a result of the professional and controlled mining, refining and aluminum production is verified by the DNV-GL according to ISO 14064, which is available on request.


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