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Barrier Truck Gate

Based on several customer’s requests and working with the well-established rental companies we were able to start developing new complex product fitting to our standardized barrier product line.


Our new addition to the barrier product portfolio is aluminum truck gate (BR-TR-G). The application of the barrier truck gate perfectly fits other barrier wall products. The first step connection of the truck gate unit to the barrier line (BR-B, BR-G, BR-V) through spigots and spigot receivers is ensured as well as its final securing with proper bolts and nuts.


Consequently, as the connection with other TAF barrier products is simple, the truck gate unit brings several additional features to temporary barrier walls protecting necessary areas from spectators, crowds or public. Apart from having individual security stands at the BR-B products, the barrier truck gate can be used as large check point of the security personnel.


The opening/locking mechanism of the gate unit is very easy to handle and the gate manipulation takes only a few moments. Clearance of the open gate is 3m (9.84 ft) in order to accommodate large trucks with equipment when it becomes necessary to enter or leave the protected area. If the protected area is completely closed, the barrier truck gate represents the largest and fastest exit point in case of an emergency.


As mentioned above, there are many pros of the gate unit being employed in the temporary barrier wall line at public events. It represents another step in making not only open area events safer and makes life of event security managers a bit easier.


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